Microwave is mainly propagated by space wave, so as to increase communication distance, the antenna erection is higher.In microwave antennas, the application of a wide range of parabolic antennas, horn parabolic antennas, horn antennas, lens antennas, slot antennas, dielectric antennas, periscope antennas
Microwave antenna
In engineering applications, the need to be 800 MHZ, 900 MHZ C G network or other different frequency output at the same time, USES the combiner, can make a set of indoor distribution system at the same time to work on, GSM, CDMA frequency spectrum or other frequencies.
The Adapter
Adaptor is the Chinese translation of English Adapter/adaptor.An adapter is an interface converter that can be an independent hardware interface device that allows hardware or electronic interfaces to connect to other hardware or electronic interfaces, or information interfaces.For example: power adapter, triangular pedestal switching parts, USB and serial port transfer equipment, etc.
Microwave devices
The device, which works in the microwave band (frequency 300 ~ 300,000mhz), is called a microwave device.Microwave devices can be divided into microwave oscillator (microwave source), power amplifier, mixer, detector, microwave antenna, microwave transmission line, etc.
Microwave transmission line
The microwave transmission line is a general term used to transmit microwave information and energy in various forms. Its role is to guide electromagnetic waves in a certain direction.The electromagnetic wave that is guided by it is referred to as the conduction wave.