Model:DX4400-I、DX4400-II Color model:Gray、Dual Printhead mype:Industrial grade piezoelectric printhead Print resolution:600*600 DPI、600*1200 DPI Precision:±0.1 mm Max.printing spee...
 DX4400 Digital Inkjet Printer
Max. plate size:2032×1270mm(80×50 inches)
Plate thickness:0.95~4.7mm
 Flexo CTP
Advanced thermal technology is adopted and the imaging quality is reliable with sharp,smooth imaging dots and high precision. ·Eastcom CTP integrates worldwide current sophisticate...
 Thermal CTP
Model: DX1450U
Exposure Structure: External drum
Laser system: 405nm LD, 64/96 channels,
Plate size: Max.1450mm×1150mm; Min.650 mm×550mm
Applicable plate: CTCT...
KYLIN A180 Series
Professional Manufacturer of Digital Textil Printer
Moder : AL-1130
Structuer: Floor model
Plate size:Max1130mm×900mm Min510mm×400mm
Plate thickness:0.15mm~0.4mm
Output speed: 35...
 Laser imagesetter products
1. Exposure dimensions : 1320mm/1120mm × 914mm / 760mm / 660mm
2. Scanning precision: 1500dpi----4000dpi
3. scanning mode: external drum, broad band laser scanning with h...
 Laser photoplotter products
Technical specification:
1. Exposure dimensions :762mm×610mm/660mm×508mm
2. Scanning precision: 4000dpi---12000dpi (choose)
3. scanning mode: external drum, broad ba...
 Film processor
Minimum film length (mm):150
Film width (mm):1200
Overall process time (s):90~270